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Aleta McCleland

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As a life-long intuitive empath with 20+ years experience in astrology, Aleta loves combining the psychological study of your astrological chart with the psychic, claircognizance she brings to every reading. Aleta likes to describe Astrology as, "The love letter your soul wrote you before you were born... offering you insight, direction and in times of need, strength, validation and empowerment." Every astrological chart maps a life being lived on target with purpose. Clients consistently return to Aleta for her depth, accuracy, compassion and humor. Aleta specializes in offering practical and immediate tools and insights into any life situation.

Another area of interest is working with parents and educators of "special needs" kids. Aleta is committed to re-framing how these gifted and challenged children are seen, educated and labeled. With labels like ADD, ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Dyslexia and Dysgraphia, the innovative brilliance and deep sensitivity of these children is often overlooked. Often referred to as Indigo and/or Crystal children, they carry a powerful hope/vision for humanity. Parents of these children are living with the Great Shift in small bodies.

Having been psychically educated by a series of remarkable and unique teachers from age 3 on, Aleta is currently writing a book about the education of the spirit and its valuable role in our collective human evolution.

* When calling for an astrology reading it's best to have your day, month, year of birth, place of birth and birth time available.

Here are examples of "client favorites". Of course you can call or schedule a reading on any subject or question you would like. It is my joy and honor to assist and explore your BEST outcomes.

Trajectory Reading
A Trajectory Reading looks at where you are now, outcomes with your current path and potentials with other or revised paths. This reading works wonderfully for specific situations.

Three months, Six months or Year in Advance Forecast
This reading outlines trends, events and potentials for the coming 3 months, 6 months or a year. A specific area of your life can be the focus if you would like (career, love, soul purpose etc.).

Relationship Quick Check
This is a wonderful way to dip your toe in or keep in touch. Are you just starting a relationship, hitting a snag in an ongoing one, starting a new job with a new boss etc.? With just the day/month/year of birth for you and the other person, I will give you as much detail as you would like about the potential and complexities of your relationship (or relationship to be!). This is one of my favorite ways for us to get to know each other.

Birth Chart Reading
In this reading I combine 3 "traditional" Astrological systems to give you a full overview of your life, including life purpose, talents, challenges and the points of your greatest joy.

Astrocartography Reading
Astrocartography is the astrology dealing with the gifts, interactions and events different locations are likely to bring to the surface in your life. This is an excellent reading to get if you are considering a move, a job change, going off to college, considering a retirement location or looking for a vacation location that brings out the best for you!

Unity Astrology Full Life Reading
This is the extremely thorough system that combines several "traditional" astrological approaches with the astrology of location. For me, the "missing link" in astrology was our connection to earth as presented in Astrocartography; the astrology of location. By synthesizing your Astrology chart with your Astrocartography chart (in the same way relationship charts are created), I have found formerly untapped answers for my clients.

I look forward to our time together. I look forward to you!
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