Clairsentient, Past Lives, Tarot
Bill Moore

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$.5.99 / minute

A fifth-generation (at least) psychic/sensitive, Bill has been working with the Tarot and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life all his adult life. A lifetime's experience and study have been mobilized and brought into full incarnation now by the onset of blindness. Bill speaks with a voice that is no longer his own, and sees without eyes. His work is compassionate, authentic, deeply intelligent. The new voice also has a sense of humour.

Call him for work on relationship, health, children, work and business, past lives and dreams.

Bill has only recently begun to explore Past Lives, mostly in response to requests from clients. The results are electrifying. Past Life work has become one of his specializations, and he has developed some strong techniques for locating his consciousness at the centre of whatever incarnation is asking to be experienced.

People who have had psychic readings from Bill mostly recall his gentleness, his compassion, his uncompromising honesty, his sense of humour, and, under it all, his unshakable faith in the power of the human spirit.

Drawing on a lifetime of study, the blog is a chain of synthesis. In one entry Bill draws out the connection between the Big Bang Theory and the Knight of Swords. In another he explores the relationship between the Sixes and the spider-web. Always the blog is an attempt to locate the Tarot in the heart of real phenomena - icy weather, moving water, the voices hidden in the falling leaves. The blog is not a teaching tool, but following it will lead the reader deep into the heart of the Tree of Life.

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