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Daniel has been in professional service as a psychic, medium, meditation guide, and energy/aura reader for 25 years. Tuning into your higher self and divine information, he is able to provide clear guidance and support for transformational processes. During a session Daniel calls upon his psychic gifts as well as his training and considerable experience to help clients achieve maximum positive value and blessings.

Daniel welcomes your questions as jumping off points to finding your clearest and highest answers and aligning you with the energy to grow, heal, and transform.

As a childhood clairvoyant and clairaudient medium, my intent has always been to use my gifts in service to others. Throughout my life I have consistently worked to train and perfect my natural skills and have enjoyed participating in many classes, workshops and certification programs and published a holistic magazine. I look forward to having the opportunity to read for you and provide a positive experience and an empowering result in your life.

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