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Since I was a little girl, I always felt safe and protected, kind of watched over - no matter what situation came my way. I started traveling abroad at an early age. My parents sent me to England at 11 years old by myself to learn English in an exchange program… Ah yes, did I mention I am born and raised in France? While I was nervous for this first trip abroad, people in my surroundings always had my highest interest in mind.

When I came to the United States, I felt a belonging, like my life would be here for a while. I had always listened to my intuition and just "knew things", and I believe this natural gift allowed people to feel comfortable confiding in me - which I loved because I always wanted to help others! Up until it was all too much… and I found myself going through major anxiety and panic attacks. I could not eat nor sleep and felt panicked all the time to a point that I had to take medication. Low and behold though, these events kick-started my journey as a healer and intuitive. Because I did not want to stay on medication, I started to see a psychologist every week diligently for a year. At the same time, new wonderful and helpful people started coming into my life. I was introduced to past life explorations, hypnosis and energy therapies such as Reiki, Seichem and Huna.

One of the most transformative experience happened when I attended Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy Practitioner® workshop in 2006. I learned how to trust the guidance from the angels and archangels, while letting go of the ego. As I now had more tools, not only did my anxiety heal, but I also started helping others more and more - which lead me to start my own business, part-time at first (I lead a successful career in Corporate America) and in 2008, I had the opportunity to transition into my business full-time!

As I nurtured and developed my gifts, one of my main abilities is to uncover the Truth: what are you Truly going through? Often times in life, we feel the symptoms of what is happening, and yet while we can soften those, the True healing takes place once we find the Cause of what is really going on.

I am simply here to guide you along - ultimately knowing that You are your own best healer and that I am simply here to bring you information that would best serve you at this time. I can promise you love, joy and light-heartedness during our sessions as we embark on a journey filled with treasures!

With Love,


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