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Kristina Lafrance

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As an Angel Intuitive, Medium, Psychic and Life Coach, Kristina works with her Master Guides and Angels to bless you with joy and enlightenment. She is guided by her strong belief that we are here as co-creators of our lives. She will help you in matters that keep you stuck in repeating patterns especially in relationships and career. She guides her clients into their souls to help identify and grasp the terms of 'soul agreements' that may be in place. Channeling messages from your guides and angels, she can help you find greater understanding and point you in new directions.

Kristina is a practicing medium and can assist you with connecting and communicating with those who have crossed over. She bridges the gaps between individuals and their loved ones on the other side to release fear and worries and to provide the loving closure many people seek.

Kristina has a degree in metaphysical counseling from the University of Sedona and an extensive life-long practice as a psychic, medium, intuitive life coach and teacher. Her clients include a number of her peers including other psychics, mediums, healers and lightworkers as she is truly a teacher of teachers. She is known by many as the "angel coach" for her unique connection to the angelic realm. She is quickly able to zero in on core issues and life-long defeating patterns. In addition to her private practice, Kristina provides education and inspiration as a radio show host.

Kristina has the knowledge, skills, and experience to teach you to co-create the amazing life you want to live. Let her guide you in all areas of your life. Her perspective will empower you to create the changes you seek. She's waiting to speak to you now.

I grew up in New Hope, Minnesota, write The Night Ride blog, have a degree in music production, and am a visual artist.

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