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Krystene comes from a long line of psychics and musicians. As a young child, Krystene was raised with music as a solid building block for her intuitive gifts. A concert pianist by the age of 22, she began to look outside of classical music and concerts to the greater world and what she was being called to explore. The music she heard inside of herself had to be written, recorded and released, and continues to this day. The connection to the Spiritual Realm demanded her attention at the same time and both were birthed in unison with the other ~ for they are one and the same.

Her journey led her through a maze of stories creating a deep and intimate bond with Source Energy and humanity as a whole. 'My winding roads have led me to very specific places: Service to others as an Intuitive Channel, Seer and Visionary, all along creating music that has healing properties within it, bringing about awareness, awakening and a sense of joy, peace and love. I not only believe, I know that our work here is not small as a collective body. What many do not realize, is that each of us holds very specific abilities and gifts, and all are critical to the whole and our expansion into a new awareness of who we really are. This type of awakening must first begin with 'the one' in order to comprehend the idea of 'the many'.

Understanding yourself as a unique and separate entity is the first step towards integration of the whole. The harmonious change we desperately crave sits directly at the feet of each individual on this planet. It is not a country that will save this world: it is each and every individual living inside those countries who have found a way to release and activate their authentic voice and specific gift and ability.'

As an intuitive channel Krystene has dedicated herself to being of service to those on this specific path. 'I do so with an immense amount of gratitude and awareness of how very challenging it can often be. The courage needed can often feel immense, but the rewards are phenomenal on many, many levels.'

Namaste and such deep love to you all, Krystene Leon Du Maurier

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