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Melissa Frei

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Melissa has been dialoguing with spirits since age seven. Her gifts are exceptional, accurate, and highly sought after by the general public as well as law enforcement who contact Melissa for help with missing persons cases. Melissa believes that your loved ones who have crossed, angels, and spirit guides are your best resources for advice with pinpoint accuracy on all subjects - love, relationships, health, finances, spiritual growth...whatever you need to propel yourself to the next level of joy and understanding. Your spiritual team on the other side is so excited to speak to you that often they are standing in line for Melissa to relay their messages to you!

To help young people begin to connect with Spirit, Melissa created the oracle deck, Spirit Cards for Indigo Kids. She is honored that world renowned Psychic Medium John Holland reviewed her cards and states, "Spirit Cards for Indigo Kids are a great learning tool for children, as well as creative, intuitive, and most all fun!

"I highly recommend these magical cards for children of all ages." - John Holland Psychic Medium

Click here to view Spirit Cards For Indigo Kids Oracle.

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