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Monique Ruffin is a Life Coach, love counselor, author, blogger, astrologer, and natural intuitive. She's spent the last fifteen years coaching clients through life's toughest challenges including relationship issues, divorce, illness, and spiritual crises. Monique's devotion to her own spiritual practices and love for humanity, make the wisdom she offers easily accessible and translatable into clear actions steps toward healing and change.

Monique's work as a coach and author has allowed her to connect and collaborate with some of the most notable people in the fields of spirituality, health and wellness, and self-improvement. You may have heard interviews with some of these individuals including Michael Beckwith, Marianne Williamson, and Russell Simmons on her radio show Rise with Monique Ruffin. These relationships have enriched Monique's spiritual and healing work by integrating various modalities like yoga, meditation, visioning and A Course In Miraclesinto her tool box. Monique uses a variety of these tools and modalities to support clients in their efforts towards healing and meeting personal and professional goals.

Monique's coaching and counseling skills help clients quickly find the root of discomfort in their lives. She has a keen ability to feel into the problem and source the solution from within the client in cooperation with their divine nature. ''When you are ready to hear the truth and feel willing to embrace changes call me; when you are looking for greater clarity, call me; when you desire support for making decisions and walking your path, call me; I will help you rise!'

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